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  •  Must be the season of the Witch... (25+ / 0-)

    Being that I qualify for SS, I've taken notice of increase in passings during this time of year. Whether its due to low sunlight hours, or cold or, whatever, this time of year is hard on those at the end of their life cycles.
    I too lost a friend two weeks ago. I didn't know him that long or actually all that well. He was well into his seventies and had supposedly beat throat cancer last year. Nice guy. He never mentioned his pain and never stopped looking to learn and teach whenever he could. His name was Gren. He was born in England and brought to Canada as a child. When he became an adult he took a steamer to New Zealand where he worked on a sheep station (ranch) before returning to Canada where he and his beautiful and entertaining wife Marion settled in Banff, Alberta Ca. for what was as Wonderful Life.
    About two years ago he began having trouble swallowing and was soon diagnosed with throat cancer which he had surgery for and had supposedly gone into remission. At least that's what we all thought. Sadly, it did return. Not that any of his friends knew, as he hid his distress until the end was all too near.
    He barely had time to get home (snowbird) before spending his final days in palliative care.
    I didn't know him well, or for a long time, but he made quite an impression on me with the way he was able to study each situation with both a youthful curiosity and mature understanding.
    He passed two weeks ago and daily I invite his memory to both sadden and enliven me.
    We all go into the darkness alone, but the light we make lives on in those we touch.

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