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  •  I was struck once (17+ / 0-)

    at a memorial service for a coworker who I knew and liked, but didn't know well enough. During the service, as her family members spoke of her and related stories, I was struck by the thought that I had really missed knowing someone very cool. There was a lot more to her than I knew. And I had missed out.

    This diary reminds me that I probably don't read dk enough, or deeply enough. I missed out. Some of these names I recognize, but many I missed.

    The other thought that has struck me on occasion is that, in a way, we're not dead until no one remembers any more.

    That is a more morose and maudlin thought than is my usual wont, but I am feeling kind of morose and mortal lately.

    In any case, it is important to not forget.

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