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    for all the talk about minority-majority districts hobbling statewide minority candidates, it's not like the states with the most minority-minority districts were electing loads of them statewide before the VRA.

    Without those districts, I don't think we'd see a measurable increase in statewide minority office holders.  On the contrary, I simply think we'd see less minorities in office, period.  Heavily-white districts rarely produce minority representatives.  There are some exceptions, but even most of those have strong minority electorates.

    Without Congress as a stepping stone (and if done to state redistricting, without state legislatures as a stepping stone), there's really no way for them to advance aside from mayorships and county-level positions, which cannot be gerrymandered.

    People have instead tried to argue that we should dilute minorities, and spread them around to instead elect moderate/conservative white Democrats, and I could at least see that plan working, but it's not a particularly savory goal for the party that prides itself on respecting minorities, and encouraging diversity.

    In any case, Republicans gerrymander minorities because they can, not because they must.  The loss of Section 2, or any section of the VRA, would be a net negative for the Democratic Party, for minorities, and for anyone who believes in basic fairness and acknowledges the difficulties minorities still face in politics.

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