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View Diary: Hey y'all, let's have a war with Iran! (77 comments)

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  •  I enjoy foreign affairs (0+ / 0-)

    Always have since I was a little lad. Sue me.  Got anything aside from cheap jibes?

    Looks like what you did cite agrees with me in the area of FACT: That fact being that this bill does not carry any legal weight whatsoever.

    A show of legislative support like this, even if it does not ostensibly commit the US to war with Iran, certainly makes such a commitment in the future much more likely.
    In the arena of speculation, we disagree. And the reasoning you offer is thin gruel to me. It relies on the supposition Israeli that leaders cannot interpret a empty resolution w/o any force of alw for what it is.

    It also relies on the supposition that Israel can actually mount an attack on her own, against the desires of the Saudis, the US/Iraq, or Turkey. Consult a map, or read a diary which goes into the whys at length.

    And what is that US attitude towards an Israeli attack on Iran? Your third paragraph answers that.

    Let us be clear. The position of the US President, under advisement from US intelligence, is that such an Israel first strike is not only unnecessary, but that even the threat of it undermines the administration’s already robust efforts to discourage Iran from weaponizing its still peaceful nuclear program.
    What does this tell us? It tells us that whatever publicity stunts Congress might be pulling, that the private communications between Israel and the US are telling Israel there will be no attack. And when the US is telling Israel that, Israel is not going to attack. Because they can't.

    So thanks for the citation. A calm reading shows most of it supports what I have been posting. Where there is disagreement lies in the realm of speculation. The main point is verified. This document does not commit the US to support an Israeli attack on Iran. This diary is inaccurate.

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