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View Diary: Using Your Twitter Account as a Bully Pulpit (4 comments)

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    1.)  I know it's probably already on your radar, but Citizen's United and/or a constitutional amendment defining corporations as entities without the rights of people.

    2.)  San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in California must be shut down permanently.  Currently, it's been on extended shut-down after inspectors found that the nuclear rods were rubbing together in a way that could cause a meltdown.  It sits on a geological fault capable of producing an earthquake.  It's 10 mile radius includes much of heavily populated Orange County in California.  And, it is the only nuclear plant in the world that shares the Fukishima Nuclear Plant design (yes, that one) down to being placed on the edge of the ocean ... in a tsunami zone.  How about we get rid of this time bomb waiting to happen?!?!?!

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