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    Nowhere Man
    What national leader of either party has put one forward? Who has gone beyond ideological incantation and proposed a way to rebuild competitiveness, create jobs, and get the economic engine turning over again so that business plows all that idle cash into private sector investment?
    President Barack Obama has. This sounds like false equivalence. It doesn't speak of the many job proposals the President has put forth and the many ways Republicans on the federal level and state level have blocked him over and over and over again.

    For example, when the administration got behind plans such as infrastructure rebuilding and high speed rail proposals, Republicans blocked him. For example:

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday rejected the federal government's offer of $2.4 billion to build the line — prompting cheers from his tea party base, and harsh criticism from leading Florida Republicans and Democrats — squashing a project that has been decades in the making.

    He made his high-profile announcement just two days after President Barack Obama released his federal budget, which Scott criticized during his news conference, noting that it includes a $1.65 trillion deficit.

    You implied that the President doesn't go out and promote his economic plans. Well do you recall the refrain: "Pass my jobs bill!" That was the President going all around the country in 2011 imploring the obstructionist Congress to pass his job bill:

    President Obama is sending this $447 billion jobs bill to Congress today, with a forceful message to Republicans to put politics aside.

    The only thing that's stopping it is politics," Mr. Obama said from the White House Rose Garden on Monday. "We can't afford these same political games... Let's get something done. Let's put this country back to work.

    This is a bill that will put people back to work all across the country," Mr. Obama said today. "Let's pass this bill," he repeatedly appealed to Congress, asking for "no games, no politics, no delays.

    That was the President, going around the country to promote, promote, and promote his bill to everyone within earshot. Perhaps you forgot that he really did have jobs plans and he really did promote them.

    The problem with lack of jobs is not the President, it is with the Republicans. It is false to pretend in any way that it is the President who isn't doing enough. Quite false.  

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