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View Diary: GOP self-evaluation is deluded from page one (80 comments)

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  •  The GOP just runs the same game plan over and over (7+ / 0-)

    and that is:

    Use words and process to deceptively justify their actions. Of course, when it comes to actions they are very consistent and in favor of the few privileged.

    the rest is always ruse, deception, distraction..etc.

    any "makeover" is just propaganda. Notice how they are still going with the same draconian policies and legislative initiatives while simultaneously engaged in this "makeover".

    This sounds right of of big corporate business-land..

    They want to believe their is nothing wrong with their product, just its marketing. They know that's wrong and that everyone else knows it too.. but so what - they are busy trying to win power in other ways while all this chattering of their's occupies the airwaves.

    I see nothing in these events that is from any new playbook..just the same old GOP,continuing to employ the same propaganda-driven processes that wont change their policies one bit..more distraction and deceiving while they quietly try to figure out how to steal elections, steal money, steal retirement funds,and of course, funnel lots of dough to the rich all the while protecting their buddies..

    it is all theater, as most of it was before.

    their policies are very consistent, and I think that is what is finally creating the serious "brand image" issue they face now. Let's hope so, cause they are in a world of political trouble if their brand really has gone sour due to policy and actions.

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