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  •  It is enjoyable to watch Republicans (2+ / 0-)
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    never having a shot at the Presidency again unless they change or they change the electoral college.

    The single biggest issue those who are not zygote loving freaks need to concern themselves with is not laughing at the GOP but how do you encourage mid term turn out.

    Pre General Election, the Democratic Party embraced and adopted much of the language of Occupy Wall Street. Before OWS the Democratic Party would have lost to Rick Perry.

    In 2013 Wall Street is back at the table, in some reasons justifiably, in many other ways not.

    In 2009 Blue Dogs turned Hope and Change into not bloody likely. Their betrayal was punished by the only way voters know how - vote for the other guy. 2010 was not a success for Republican ideas, no matter how the GOP twists it. It was anger at a perceived failure of the Democratic Party to deliver on the economy and jobs. If you want evidence look at the polls when screened against likely voter. No un-skewing necessary. There was a Democratic enthusiasm gap.  The blue dog coalition lost their seats because they extended the time it took Congress to pass healthcare reform.

    In 2012 it appeared that the Democratic Party learnt that lesson. The language of OWS was part and parcel of Barack Obama's campaign rhetoric. While Republicans try and claim his vote was saved by Irene, I think it was probably diminished. The much lower turn outs of New jersey and New York probably deflated the overall margin. Populist Obama was nearly as popular in 2012 as 2008.

    I'm not entirely convinced that is the case in 2013and I am not entirely convinced that the Democratic Party has learnt anything from 2010, except perhaps the wrong lesson. They think 2010 taught them to go right. 2012 says otherwise. So what will they do?

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