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View Diary: Left/Liberal Christians Are Disgusted With The 'Devil's Resemblance To Obama, In Movie, 'The Bible' (32 comments)

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  •  their "statement" is a joke.. (6+ / 0-)

    producers said that this is a Morroccan actor who has played Biblical characters, including Satan, before and there is nothing to the story.

    Here is the deal. All they say might be true and it is still irelevant. Because one look at the guy and anyone can see he looks quite a bit like the President. They aren't blind.

    Someone got their jolly joke..there is no relevant explanation or excuse that's valid. They should have given this a wide bearth and hired someone else.

    At any moment, at every glace, they could see who it looks like. Not getting another actor is an action they chose. By definition it was purposeful.

    He looks hauntingly like Obama. IT might be more funny if it were another President but as some probably said, there is a vein of Americans who called Obama the AntiChrist and Satan as it is...that never happened before with another President. First Black President First time some "fear" he's Satan. Seems related to me.

    they chose to stir that kettle of slop

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