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  •  So your folk are from Lithuiania? (3+ / 0-)

    There abouts?

    •  Move to the head of the Class, Wow :-) (4+ / 0-)

      My father was born there in 1944. They were fleeing the Russians*. They were in a refugee camp til he was about 6 in Germany then came here.

      So that side is almost exclusively Lithuanian. The other half is multiple things.

      I am impressed if you did not google.

      Also my last name (my Uncle told me recently and he's very active in the Lithuanian Community) means something close to 'from the swamp' so I have to assume we were worshipping all kinds of pagans up until the end.

      *N.B. I don't know why, but can guess why they were more threatened by them than the Germans. As IIRC my Great Grandfather, was almost killed in the revolution. He got arrested. He was going to be interrogated and the person who came into the room was one of his best friends. Allegedly he (I assume thought he'd be killed) turned his back on the guy as he couldn't believe his best friend would be doing that. But As you might guess as I'm here he let him go . . . too bad I was too young to ask about stories from my Grandfather. He wrote an account of fleeing, it is pretty unbelievable (including them thinking my father a baby, was dead, a German Solider getting him Milk in his helmet, amidst total chaos).

      •  No I don't have to Google. Lithuinia didn't go (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Jeffersonian Democrat, viral

        Christian until just about the 1300s.

        That means in the countryside, many individuals and families probably did not convert til much later, if at all.

        I have a warm spot in my heart for that bit of history and those people. I suspect that it was this, that scared some of the zealots so bad, who looked for Witches under every rock further West.

        •  Then you could probably teach me (0+ / 0-)

          as I thought the Christianization was of the Nobles, but I don't recall why. I thought it was a  deal actually regarding some regional war.

          The nobles converted. Then. The peasants not until I think when I said.

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