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  •  But let's not forget (11+ / 0-)

    Halliburton and the metaphorical backing up of their trucks to our Treasury. It was a war for profit. It was obscenely clear from the very start. I am still bewildered, disappointed and angry at the political sloth of this nation's electorate, so horribly blind and maleable- stooges so easily and willfully manipulated. It still makes me want to scream when I think about it. Because it is still largely the case.
    WHY couldn't they see it?!? How much inaction can we chalk up to mass fear? How much to rampant political ignorance?

    It may be wrong, but I've taken to telling people who say they are "not interested in politics" or "can't stand politics" or "disgusted because everybody's such a crook" that their refusal to pay attention and take part makes them part of the problem- that their reticence and delinquency enables that which they say they hate, and that refusal to monitor and take part in the running of their nation negates any claim to patriotism they might make. You don't love anything that you neglect.

    No, it doesn't make me popular, but I feel I'd be neglectful if I didn't point it out.

    I believe in democracy, civil liberties, and the rule of law. That makes me a liberal, and I’m proud of it. - Paul Krugman

    by Gentle Giant on Tue Mar 19, 2013 at 07:53:25 AM PDT

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