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View Diary: Yep. Fox's Bill O'Reilly, Traditional Marriage Advocate, Recently Got a Nasty Divorce. (206 comments)

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    being a house wife/husband has perks. No time card, no boss, few deadlines. Much of the work can be done in pajamas.
    I'm sorry, but in which universe are you living?!  That might be true for couples without children, but otherwise you're WAY off the mark.

    No time card?  True - but only because "kids" = "24x7", and that's hardly a decent tradeoff.  Why do you think so many couples have to exert specific effort just  to have "date nights"?

    No boss?  Perhaps - but no/few coworkers, either.  No delegation, few 'team projects' - it's all on you.

    Few deadlines? Try having 4 kids in 3 different schools (elementary, middle and HS), doing everything from academic team to band to basketball to football to theatre...THEN talk to me about a lack of deadlines.  (School assignments ALONE provide a healthy dose of deadlines.)  Given our activities, even getting dinner ready is a "deadline," depending on which kids will be home at what time on this particular day..."Oh, I can't eat after X o'clock, I have a game tonight"...

    It should be noted that I haven't even mentioned the typical "household stuff" of grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning/laundry, minor repairs...when our kids were young, having a 24-hour grocery nearby was a godsend, because we often had to do our shopping between 10:30pm and midnight.

    My kids are teenagers now--which, in theory, means they're more self-sufficient--but, judging from my experience with role reversal (my job led to telecommuting from home, and my wife now works for a small local business), I'm in awe of how my wife pulled it off for more than a decade.

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