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View Diary: Monday Night Cancer Club: What Are We Getting for Our Money? (86 comments)

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  •  Cancers that have a parade (10+ / 0-)

    PK, I needed the laugh tonight*, so thanks for reminding me about this maxim.

    Funny story about that parade to follow:

    Last spring when I was 8 months out from DX and my friend's husband had been dead for 14 months, we decided to take our kids canoeing.

    This friend used to be a guide in the UP (the part of MI that faces the thumb, y'all) and her late husband met her on a trip he took with his fishing buddies 20 years ago. 10 years ago, we met at the playgroup for our young'uns. Her husband was a great dad, very hands-on, and the kids miss him badly.

    She was firm, when I suggested that we take her kids and mine to an outdoor experience, about the importance of getting her boys back out on the river for the first time after his death (which was 6 weeks after stomach lesion was diagnosed as 'not actually an ulcer'; the family was still a bit shocky a year later).

    So I drove up to their place in the hills, strapped her gear to my truck, and we headed for the river.

    What neither of us had accounted for was that we had chosen Pink Ribbon Sunday for this outing.

    First nice day of the year, was what we were thinking.

    Long story short, our caravan of Subaru wagon and crew cab F350 had to turn around 3 times, and make one of the kids get out and flag us through the stragglers near the mall, to get to our 4th idea for where to put in.

    Yep. The cancer parade stopped us, not metaphorically but physically. For real. Neither stomach cancer nor melanoma has a parade. Is all I'm saying.

    For some reason this became hilarious to us, but not our kids, during the 75 minute detour for the pink ribbon people. Some of whom felt the need to point out to us that they were raising money for cancer.

    On topic:...sorry, that's too complex for me tonight. But thanks for the comic relief, I needed it!

    *My mom's FU visit this morning on her cervical cancer (IIb, surgery & radichemo last spring) was rebooked due to sheet ice and blocked by bumper cars freeway, and my FU to see whether any of these unusual raised spots are more amelanotic melanoma is early tomorrow. Will report back next Monday.

    Parent. Entrepreneur. Cancer patient. Moose tracker.

    by PhoenixRising on Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 06:43:06 PM PDT

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