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View Diary: CISPA Sweeps Away Privacy Rights (2 comments)

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    a Constitutional Convention.  Every nation on earth has revised and revisited their fundamental legal structure more recently than we have, and despite its much-vaunted flexibility, our Constitution was never designed to function in the 20th century, let alone the 21st.  Until we address the issues that have been raised by social and technological changes in the last three centuries, we will be forever at the mercy of powerful interests, both public and private, which specifically take advantage of the "lack of enumeration" of basic rights which were unquestioned before piss-testing could determine what you had for dinner or a single piece of hair at the crime scene could definitively identify an individual who was present, or a conversation could be conducted between New York and California in realtime.  New technologies have left us open to levels of observation and coercion the Founders could never have dreamed of, and our Constitution offers little or no protection from them, at the same time as preserving a relic of life in the middle of an ongoing invasion by enshrining the unlimited personal ownership of deadly weapons.

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