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View Diary: Assault weapons ban moribund. Will only be offered as amendment in package of gun-control bills (577 comments)

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    ...are you saying the stats are wrong, or just that you dismiss them because they conflict with your emotional feelings and/or anecdotal experiences?

    Does "reality based" mean anything to you? I'm curious, should we ignore statistics in all cases when determining social policy or just in those cases that the statistics contradict your preconceived notions based on emotion and/or anecdotes? I would expect that you also have no problem with those who want to teach creationism instead of evolution in school then -- after all, a lot of evidence for evolution is, at its core, statistical and a lot of people "feel" that man was created by a god (in particular, their God!).

    It's true that statistics are often misused, either intentionally or accidentally, particularly inferring causation where there is only correlation.

    However, your assertion that:

    And, after it expired holy hell broke loose and mass  shootings with AW and high cap magazines become common.
    says nothing about causation but states a "fact" that, possibly for completely unrelated reasons, something happened after the AWB expired. In this case, the statistics, for commonly understood meaning of "holy hell broke loose" and "became common", seem to contradict your assertion.

    Presumably you have some statistics to support your claim or you would not have made it? Perhaps a link would help resolve this difference of fact (since there can't, of course, be a difference of fact).

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