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  •  And we talk about Republicans being (0+ / 0-)

    judgmental?  I mean, really, a woman who objects to having to take a few minutes to tear open sugar packets to add them to her coffee when she's already late for work in the morning and might lose her job over it, how absolutely ridiculous.  Let's really make fun of her.  Because we're sooo superior to her.  We just loll through life, never being in a hurry and always putting things into perspective, so we can really feel good about ourselves by looking at her as a fool.

    The problem with bans such as these are: 1. they treat us all as idiots who are incapable of making our own decisions; 2. they are the "judgments" of a few about one minor aspect of life, and those few make no better judgments about other aspects of their own lives, so who are they to be deciding; and 3.  it's an irritating intrusion in peoples' lives intended simply to be an intrusion - it has no realistic hope of improving Anything.

    They're stupid, plain and simple.  You want to control something, you tax it.  And tax it and tax it and tax it.  And do some education on it.  And little by little, it affects peoples' behavior.  "Banning"  anything is simply stupid.  It never works, always backfires.  And Bloomberg was incredibly stupid when he got this silly idea.  

    "If you trust you are not critical; if you are critical you do not trust" by our own Dauphin

    by gustynpip on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 07:22:18 AM PDT

    •  Sometimes people act idiotic. (1+ / 0-)
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      This helps them to think if they are so inclined.

      And I'd suggest that if it's really a choice between dumping a lot of sugar in your coffee verses holding your job and you chose the former, your priorities are a bit screwed-up and you might have a sugar addiction problem.

      What about my Daughter's future?

      by koNko on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 08:14:40 AM PDT

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      •  But it's really not your job to decide what (0+ / 0-)

        priorities someone else should have, do you think?  

        I find it quite amusing that you and several others are so ready to make judgments about other people and their lives when I have absolutely no doubt that you frequently make poor decisions and have screwed up priorities about other aspects of your lives.  And I know this because that's a part of being a human being.  I also find it amusing that it's okay with you that pointless limitations be put on others' rights - even though if those same types of limitations were placed on something foolish that you engage in, you'd be furious.  And I can say with confidence that you engage in foolish activities because we all do.  And I can say with confidence that you'd be furious because we all would.  

        I don't drink sugary drinks myself, but I have other little things in life that aren't the healthiest or the wisest.  I spend too much time on the computer, I eat too many potato chips, I don't exercise enough.  Should someone tell me I'm limited to x number of minutes on the computer per day or that my occasional binge on potato chips has to be cut in half or that I'm legally required to get at least a half hour of exercise a day?  There's absolutely no difference between these two concepts.  None.  So we all need to quit the judging and thinking we have the right to prevent others from making their foolish mistakes until we're ready to let them prevent us from making ours.


        "If you trust you are not critical; if you are critical you do not trust" by our own Dauphin

        by gustynpip on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 08:53:13 AM PDT

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