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  •  Regarding Hurricanes/Barrier Islands... (3+ / 0-)
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    If you choose to stay in Key West when a hurricane is coming, we paint a yellow sign on your front door and you abrogate the right to have a first responder or Sean Penn come bail you out.
    The local police at Sunset Beach, NC did the rough equivalent when a hurricane warning/evacuation was in effect: they'd go around in a patrol car out on the island, street to street, and personally visited every house that appeared still occupied.  If you were a renter, you HAD to obey the evacuation order and leave.  OTOH if you were an owner, they wouldn't make you leave, but gave the plain warning: WE CLOSE THE BRIDGE AT 11:00AM (the old bridge was a swing bridge they locked in the same "closed" position used to allow ships to pass by through the inland waterway)...AND WE'LL NEITHER OPEN THE BRIDGE NOR COME TO RESCUE YOU IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN DANGER FROM THE STORM...YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN."  The old bridge was replaced three or four years ago with a fixed high-rise bridge, but they still close and block access to the bridge both ways during periods where winds are expected to exceed 45mph, so you're still stuck out on the island with a refuse-to-rescue stance by local authorities if you ignore an evacuation warning.  AS IT SHOULD BE.

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