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View Diary: Nelson Mandela and the death of UC Berkeley's Eshleman Hall (6 comments)

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    It's so sad to see the reminders of the precious moments of our lives disappear. Is there by any chance available a fuller retrospective on the building, along with the people who inhabited it and where their ideas have gone, etc.? It would be fascinating!

    Maybe I'm just a little lost in nostalgia myself, but there were moments back then that were so vivid, so real, so full of life. We embraced life and embraced each other, open to experience and willing to put our stamp on it, for the betterment of all. Money and power were anathema to our dreams. Oneness and altruism were valued.

    Today, maybe when I wake up, I'll see that back then I was just "a man dreaming he was a butterfly" and now, I am a butterfly dreaming I am a man.*

    I'm tired now. It's been a long run, and it's not over.
    I hope youth is up to the task.

    *Just using the Chuang Tzu allegorical "man"

    •  thanks, Marina ... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... there may well be a fuller retrospective on the building, I haven't seen it (but also haven't looked exhaustively). There were undoubtedly a vast host and range of formative experiences, political and otherwise, that occurred at Eshleman over the building's working lifetime. Maybe some enterprising graduate student in search of a dissertation topic...?

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