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  •  Thanks for getting this rolling (0+ / 0-)

    I'll collaborate, to the extent of my availability, I need to guard my time, so will probably advise but if you add me to the group I can add the occasional diary to the mix.

    I share your belief that communities are important to us in so many ways, as laboratories of democracy and economy, as well as for the green aspects that go way beyond green building.

    I've been on the FIC and Coho/US national boards, visited over 100 US cohousing neighborhoods, helped create the Within Reach movie you blogged about, and lived in 2 cohousing neighborhoods, and run a regional network with over 2000 community seekers, and work as a Cohousing Coach, so I'm quite interested in the topic, as you can imagine. I've even exhibited at several Netroots Nation/YearlyKos conference under the group name "Democracy Begins At Home".

    That said, I don't know how effective your approach of posting a blog entry about a community just based on their documents will be... so much is in the particular people, and aspects that may not appear on websites. There's no substitute for visiting.


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