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View Diary: Despite his change of heart on Medicaid expansion, Rick Scott remains perilously unpopular (13 comments)

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  •  My theories (6+ / 0-)

    I think there is a mix of different things here.

    First name recognition. Charlie Crist is universally known. Alex Sink, despite her statewide run, isn't in the sense that people who only casually follow politics would not exactly remember her from that one race (even though she had won statewide before). She is not a "familiar" name and not one that was particularly memorable when she was in the news.
    Also, remember that the press OVERCOVERS Charlie Crist. He is always in the news. ALWAYS in the news (part because of his media-savvy and the press liking the drama surrounding him). That both boosts his name recognition and also has the added benefit for him of making him look like the lead opponent of Scott - again for casual observers of politics, that amounts to a name recognition advantage. On the other hand, Sink has not been doing much since she ran and has been EVEN MORE withdrawn for understandable reasons since her husband passed away.
    Another factor is that there is some bitterness at Alex Sink for losing an unlosable race. We can argue as much as we want whether 2010 was too much of an uphill to climb because of the national wave but the feeling was she ran a bad campaign and blew it. For casual voters it does not matter but for committed activist Democrats, that probably means they wouldn't pick her in an open-name poll like this. On one-on-one no doubt they'd pick her over Crist but at this stage she would lose some points from that.
    A subplot of this is her blaming Obama for her loss. May be nothing but the African-American community is a big part of the Democratic base in Florida and Crist had a wonderful reputation among the AA in FL during his term as governor (prisoner voting rights, judge naming, ballot issue etc.). So he would probably get strong support from them in a primary and while her quotes were no big deal, Sink did not plant the seeds to be able to contest that. I don't mind her and would pick her over Crist anyday but she kind of lost me with that non-sense.

    I am desperate that the FL Democrats would run Crist for their one big chance to finally take back the Governor mansion. We probably will win regardless so why choose a fake Democrat, a pathetic human being and someone who will screw us over in an instant the minute it serves his interests?
    But note you can't be surprised. The FL House Democratic Caucus just chose as leader Rep. Rouson who had been a strong longtime booster of Jeb Bush and was a Republican just seven years ago. His first move as leader of the recruitment effort for 2014? Enticing as a candidate for a swing seat a guy ... who ran as a Republican in November against the Democratic Party leader!
    Unfortunately there is still in Florida a culture of self-hatred and cultural insecurities that prompts them to be scared of running as actual Democrats.

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