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View Diary: 6 Democrats Betray 30 Million Workers on Minimum Wage (200 comments)

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    the fact is we can and should do without these 6.  It's high time we tell these blue dogs, what's left of them, to go fuck themselves and instead focus our efforts on more winnable districts.  There were several districts where Obama won and a GOoPer currently holds the seat.  There are 6 of those in NY, NJ and PA alone plus a few in CA and FL.  We would be far better off trading these more conservative dictricts for Dem reps in those instead.  In addition to that there were 20 or so races where the Dems came within 5-7% of winning in 2012.  Districts which are far less conservative than Barrow's or Matheson's.  We can get a majority without having to rely on conservadems who undermine the progressive policies.

    But of course rather than thinking it through more logically and fighting for better Dems in other districts let's spread bullshit and fight each other instead.  Because that will win back a cohesive Dem majority that much quicker.                                    

    This is your world These are your people You can live for yourself today Or help build tomorrow for everyone -8.75, -8.00

    by DisNoir36 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 at 07:58:35 PM PDT

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