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View Diary: Update: Steubenville: The Onion nails it...2 years ahead of time. (81 comments)

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  •  The rapists aren't the victims. (8+ / 0-)

    We're talking about two guys who date raped a girl, took pictures then posted them on the Internet, laughed and bragged about it too. They clearly knew what they were doing. They enjoyed it. The whole town is rallying behind them because they're football players. The victim is routinely getting blamed and threatened.

     Remember the real victim, the girl who got raped? Oh wait, we're just supposed to forget about her. We need to reward the rapists with counseling, college scholarships and hugs all around!

     I know where you're trying to go with this whole "b-b-but they're just kids" thing. Not with something like this. They're sex offenders. Rape is not a mistake. What you and people like you are insinuating is that somehow these juveniles apparently don't have any concept of morality or consequences. You're treating the fact that they raped and humiliated a girl like it's a petty prank or shoplifting. This isn't minor. No childhood naivety was a play here.

     They committed an act of violence. Sexual violence. How lucky these guys are that they're going to practically get rewarded for raping a girl, because no one wants to rightfully punish them or hold them accountable.

     One misguided fuckwit here told me that I'm an "ignorant barbarian". Why? Because I don't want rapists to literally get away with their crime? Because I want a girl who was raped to get justice? The opposite is happening. The rapists are the ignorant barbarians, as are the people coddling and protecting them. You may as well say you don't care about the rape victim. You're not the second coming of Mahatma Gandhi because you spared rapists from a punishment they deserve.

     Remember that rape in India? One of the rapists was a juvenile. Do you think it's okay what he did? Would you spare him despite the fact that he participated in the brutal rape and murder of an innocent young woman? Well, I think you would let him off.

     I'm sick and tired of the apologetics for rape. Certain things can be rehabilitated. Rape isn't one of them. I don't want people like that back out on the streets. I don't want people who go out of their way to hurt real innocent people, for no reason mind you, to get rewarded for evil acts. Stop treating violent criminals like victims. They're not.

     The Steubenville rapists ruined their own lives. That's their fault. They deserve to be punished. They deserve to get mocked. They made an adult decision which led to an adult situation. They were well aware of what occurred.

     Give these two prison time. They don't rate juvenile detention. Not for rape. For that matter, not for murder or abuse either. Wrong is wrong, regardless of age.

    •  Everyone knows the trauma to the victim (2+ / 0-)
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      Gjetost, raincrow

      will magically disappear when she turns why should these kids be punished for their youthful shenanigans?

      Can't we let bygones be bygones?

      •  That seems to be the message I'm getting. (3+ / 0-)
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        jayden, drmah, madhaus

        The intention is good, but it's wrong. Yes, I realize that my stance on this pisses off people with a more liberal view of justice. I know the concept of trying juveniles as adults is offensive to some here.

         However, I can't agree with them. It's not okay or minor if a juvenile is violent.

         I'm not saying to execute the shitheads, but throw them in prison. It's not like they did something harmless. They knew. They were aware. I don't buy this garbage that they were naïve or oblivious to the consequences in that situation.

         I honestly don't see a problem with punishing juveniles with imprisonment if they commit crimes like rape. That's a whole different ballgame from shoplifting and graffiti.

         Should they get mental health evaluations while in prison? Sure. Should they be registered sex offenders? Of course! Should they eventually get out prison? That's up to the court.

         All in all, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, changes the fact that these two guys deliberately raped and humiliated a girl. They're hiding behind their popularity and age to avoid punishment. It sadly seems to be working.

    •  You are an awful sexist (1+ / 0-)
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      if you feel more for the rape victim than for the poor rapists.


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