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    The Geogre, native

    When I was in college, I knew a few "skeptical conservatives" and I miss them. They were mostly teachers, but there were a few students... and I found I preferred their company to almost anyone else I met, including the people who actually agreed with most of my ideas, because they really made me work out why I believed what I did and consider the implications of a society that was based on my ideals, but carelessly based on my ideals.

    They, by and large, did not believe that things tended to work out for the best. They mostly believed that the tendency of humanity wasn't to be evil, exactly, but rather to screw things up when we got ambitious. And they looked at every sweeping change as an opportunity to screw things up more because the fervor of ideology would make everyone say "we'll work that out later" and then never actually work out whatever it was, which would institutionalize a practice that would wind up being just as bad, or nearly as bad, as the problem people were trying to solve.

    They never changed my opinions about anything, though they did convince me that saying "this needs to change!" isn't nearly as important as figuring out how it needs to change, and to figure out how to build in ways to modify and tweak the changes in case something is screwed up.

    Honestly? We need those conservatives, and we really don't have them any more. What we have are a bunch of wild-eyed crusaders who don't bother to speculate on how their ideas can screw things up. And I agree, this modern crowd wouldn't recognize a skeptical conservative if they were bitten on the ass by one (though a skeptical conservative would never do that, because Lord knows what you might catch if you did). The current crowd would call the skeptical conservative a "moonbat librul" and not think twice about it.

    There is no longer a conservative movement in the US. There is a right wing movement to be sure. A dominionist movement, absolutely. A corporatist movement. An "anarcho-capitalist" movement, though I doubt they'd call themselves that (and I doubt David Friedman would agree that's actually what it is), but there aren't even remnants of skeptical conservatives any more, not in any formal capacity.

    It's sad.

    The Baptist Death Ray (wrightc [at] eviscerati [dot] org) "We are all born originals -- why is it so many of us die copies?"
    - Edward Young

    by The Baptist Death Ray on Thu Mar 21, 2013 at 08:05:29 AM PDT

    •  Well said, Sir/Ma'am (0+ / 0-)

      You got it.

      And yes, the more we believe in the objective, the more forgiving we are of inconvenient little mistakes in the process. There is no surer way to disaster.

      Look at the Bushies: they put "loyalty" at the heart of everything -- absolutely everything. They made the goal the ultimate. They felt that they were serving God's law, so it was acceptable to lie during a Senate confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, for example. They thought it was acceptable to deny free speech, because the objectives were too important for dissent. They could torture, because the information that "Monica" had a "gut feeling" the suspect had was too important for laws.

      It isn't just belief that's the enemy, as we all have beliefs, but the fact that a person holds that the beliefs are an exchange or can remove laws, majorities, traditions, and morality.

      Everyone is innocent of some crime.

      by The Geogre on Thu Mar 21, 2013 at 12:34:10 PM PDT

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