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View Diary: "a woman is only valuable in so much as she is loved or valued by a man" (159 comments)

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    The "imagine if" arguement isn't made for that reason and that logic isn't used at all.   The arguement is most likely made on people who try to blame the victim by saying, "well she was dressed poorly" or "she shouldn't have been so drunk" or "clearly she just makes bad choices" or any number of blame the victim excuses.

    The arguement is then made to those people to personalize it for them.  To make them see that just because THEY don't know the victim, doesn't mean that the treatment they received is ok.  It is meant to make those people understand their hypocrisy and ignorance in that IF something like that happened to thier own family, they would be horrified and devastated and outraged.  So logically, they should be equally outraged when it happens to anyone, whether they know the person personally or not.

    I think that it is probably more likely the case that men are going to blame the victim (i could be wrong) but there is clearly evidence that some women out there do to.  Is it misogynistic and sexist and encouraging "rape culture" to try and get those women to understand it on a more personal level as well?

    Sure, in a perfect world everyone would just automatically understand that you should treat others with respect and dignity and not as something less than human for your own amusement.  But unfortunately we don't live in that world.  IN reality, we accept this "less than human" thinking every single day.  We see it in racism, sexism, ageism.  We see it in how people treat the poor and homeless or the disabled or those with mental problems.  We see it in how politicians and media talk about/treat our own military as little more than personal GI Joe's in a sandbox....not to mention how much we dehumanize those in other countries we consider "enemies' or "evil" based on NOTHING more than what they can do for us and to benefit us.   Hell, and let's be honest.  Our entire capitalist/corporatist driven economy dehumanizes people all the time thinking of them as nothing more than customers whose sole goal is to spend money.

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