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View Diary: Calling the war in Iraq a 'mistake' is easy. The reality is more malignant (241 comments)

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  •  You know MB, you and I have crossed swords (10+ / 0-)

    on foreign policy issues in the past.

    I think you're a little too quick to pull the "imperialism" trigger and to dismiss the advantages of having hegemonic power.

    You probably regard me as a little naively nationalist and somewhat adventurist.

    But when it comes to this war, there is not one sliver of difference between us. None.

    I want these bastards on trial in the Hague.

    They are war criminals. Pure and simple.

    As I've argued elsewhere, one of the problems is that, if you'll forgive the rhetorical excess, the Nazis gave war criminals a bad name. Not all of them were or are monsters, just like not all civil criminals are John Wayne Gacy. The point is that these people were unambiguously involved, at the very least, in crimes against peace and conspiracy to wage aggressive war. Some of them are guilty of far more.

    I've been accused of being an Obamabot, and I'm probably far more a supporter of the president than most on this site.

    That said, my biggest disappointment is that he never pursued this issue.

    The men (and woman) who conspired in this atrocity belong in prison. I was never as ashamed of my country in real time (I'm a history geek so I'm aware of much of the other crap that we've done) as I was on the day we went to war. I was even more ashamed of the way so many otherwise rational people went along with it all at first.

    Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle, and I'm sorry to say it, Powell, all belong in the dock at the Hague, at the very least, explaining themselves to posterity. Most of them need to rot in jail.

    Ceterum censeo Factionem Republicanam esse delendam.

    by journeyman on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 09:40:07 AM PDT

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