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View Diary: Calling the war in Iraq a 'mistake' is easy. The reality is more malignant (241 comments)

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  •  You are right. Many other wars and (4+ / 0-)

    Other lesser conflicts were built on fabrications.

     Another example which I didn't mention was the War of 1812 because it was in some respects really just a continuation of the Revolutionary war-a conflict that needed to be fought to finally end Anglo-American conflicts on this continent  and demonstrate that our independence from Great Britain was permanent.

    Similarly, the first Mexican war was in many respects just a continuation of the conflict that gave rise to the annexation of Texas. Mexico was not entirely blameless and the forces of manifest destiny, regardless of whether one thinks they have any validity, were clearly at play.

    But neither of those wars was sold on the basis of fear as much as territorial expansion  and/or national honor.

    Further, affiant sayeth not.

    by Gary Norton on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 09:44:35 AM PDT

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