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View Diary: Calling the war in Iraq a 'mistake' is easy. The reality is more malignant (241 comments)

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    IF after WWII when the US was the only major country standing, we had not only become the manufacturing center of the world, but gone on to improve the country instead of buying into the empire of weapons sales and regular creative wars to use those weapons and demonstrate them to the world for future sales.  Reagan was very creative with his invasion of Grenada.  Bush did Panama to get Noriega who once worked for him at the CIA along with S. Hussein in Iraq.  Instead of a leader of democracy, we became the modern Roman empire thinking "shock and awe" was impressive.  2/3rd if wealth is in the hands of 2% who park it off-shore to avoid taxes.  Tax payers do R&D for new weapons, pay for their manufacture and allow the private weapons dealers to sell them off for a profit.  What a great business plan for the Cheneybots.

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