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View Diary: One DFH's Request Re: Iraq War Navel-Gazing (60 comments)

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  •  Charlie Pierce Yesterday... (12+ / 0-)


    In response to Richard Perle's comments that the Iraq War was about "risk management."

    And precisely what risk did you "manage" ? What chance did you take? You gambled with other people's children in a game you'd helped rig. What cost was exacted from you, sitting your fat ass in a swivel chair at a wingnut intellectual chop-shop while kids are still staggering around the wards without legs and arms, or the cognitive functions to get them through the day? What price did you pay? You have to send out for lunch one day? Show me the butcher's bill for the Perle household, you vampire son of a bitch.
    It's bad enough that some of these people aren't in prison, but most of them haven't even had their credibility tarnished. They're the same assholes on TV right now, warning us of the imminent threat of a nuclear Iran. They're still working in official capacities for our government. They're still working at high-profile think tanks.....

    We see the same thing with the financial crisis, the "nobody could have known" horseshit. The truth was, there were plenty of people who were sounding the alarms. They were just marginalized, attacked and ignored. There is something fundamentally wrong with us when the people who were right paid steep professional costs, while those who were wrong, with disastrous consequences, are still considered the "experts" who we MUST listen to on matters of foreign policy and national security now. These people should be disgraced. They should be ostracized, and forever wear a mark of shame. Not just the neocons who were telegraphing their intentions well before 9/11, but the media, the pundits, the Democratic members of Congress who aided and abetted the fraud.

    One useful thing came out of the Iraq War. We found out that we don't have a liberal or conservative media, so much as we have a power-worshiping media (I'm looking at you, Chris Matthews), with a sick authoritarian bent. Nothing's changed there, and until it does and media remembers their role in being adversarial towards power, they should never be taken seriously again.

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