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View Diary: RNC reassures angst-ridden religious right that nothing's going to change (66 comments)

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    The only true believers in this pack are the evangelicals, and they are in fact a detrimental, "diminishing return." But, they have money, and they do have a dedicated voting base. The plutocrats won't forsake them, they'll just try to mitigate their negative impact best they can (won't be easy.)
    Speaking of diminishing returns, lets address another portion of the GOP base. The obtuse, emotionally fragile bagger-bunch that believes Obama/Dems built a victory mosque on ground zero, and have FEMA death camps ready to round them up. The plutocrats have driven them into a quasi-schizoid state with their 24-7 fear/hate propaganda. At this point, they have become a national punch line, and fodder for late night TV.
     Bottom line...the plutocrats are fucked.

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      I think we'll see a fair number give it up. I've heard the rumblings from family and email thread "friends". They feel burned, especially with me giving them the old told ya so. Many of us have been saying it for years, and planting it in their heads. The money guys don't care about abortion. They don't care about God.

      Remember G-Dub's first director of the faith based office. He came out when he quit talking about how all the guys like Rove, et al thought the Bible thumpers were rubes.

      I've had friends and family say, "You were right." I act a little concerned and gently prod them in the direction of a third party. "You have the ground troops, you have have God."

      Just doing my part.

      I like to hide mine in the crack of a turkey.

      by DoobyOne on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 10:57:01 AM PDT

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