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  •  Heh. My cockatiel VINNIE adopted me (9+ / 0-)

    from the animal shelter. After ten years his human died, and the rest of the family didn't want him. He was fully flighted, to be fair, and knew full well how to use those wings. So he needed a new human.

    He was so pretty, a pied cockatiel all alone in a big cage. He came right out in the visiting room, though, and got on my shoulder. And he gave me the toughest job interview he could think of...asking me to preen his head. I started, and he didn't want me to stop.

    He started taking care of us right away. He cycled between his two humans and the budgie flock, he made sure my husband, who normally sits at the computer, found his way back to the chair.

    Through him, I learned to love his previous owner, who made him a truly gentle and loving bird. I hope she knows her VINNIE found another human to love in me.

    •  what a beautiful story! my sweeney was lost in (5+ / 0-)

      ny - a number of people were trying to catch him - throwing jackets at him, he was flying all over and exhausted when he flew to the 12th floor of the building ledge next door.  i had the doorman call the tenant and tell her i was coming up to try to catch the little guy.  when i got to the door, she greeted me, saying "OW!  OW!!! OW!!!!" and in her hand firmly clasped was the little blue budgey.  she had opened the window and simpy picked him up (he was exhausted - but not enough not to bite furiously to get free again).

      i gently took him and held him on the subway all the way to china town (the only place open at 11pm where i could find something for him) and bought him a small cricket cage until i could get a bigger one the next day.  eventually i put together a three story wicker bird house from china town as i brought him more friends from a wonderful breader in the lower floor of rockefeller center.  the breeder and his mom had been raising parakeets for many decades - she was known as "the bird woman" and when she died, he kept the "business" going because that giant of a man loved parakeets!  of course they chewed their way out of that cage in no time and my bedroom in ny was a parakeet free fly zone!  i loved it!

      that flock consisted of sweeney bird, the demon budgey with fleet feet, mrs lovitt, beadle bambird, toby, lucy and the rest of the cast.

      my teils were given to me along with two conures and two  doves when their owner couldn't keep them.  the doves lived out their lives with me until they died - the conures (who made the LOUDEST cacaphony of noise for which they were SOOOO  proud) unfortunately died when the apt i was rented was flea bombed.  all the birds were removed but 48 hrs later when i put them back, i made the horrific mistake of covering the cage of the conures with a towel still in the room during the fogging.  they both died within 15 minutes.  it broke my heart.  i never knew how sensitive some birds are to particulate - even days later.

      when i moved, a friend who had fallen in love with the teils asked if she could take them to be with her cockateil, who had recently lost her mate.  it was a match made in birdheaven.

      my keets all died of natural deaths over the years - and i've not had a place to open into a new aviary - yet.  one day i will.  

      so, thank you for sharing your featherbutts with us - they are really precious and bring back such wonderful memories!

      EdriesShop Is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?

      by edrie on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 11:38:24 AM PDT

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