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View Diary: CVS employees must submit to employer access of some medical information (69 comments)

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  •  The 'gouging' comes in because the employee must (12+ / 0-)

    pay for the testing, the office visit, the printout of the reports .... Trust me, this will add up to more than any insurance policy's "wellness" allowance (usually about $250 per year).

    Geez Louise, we need single-payer and get employers OUT of the insurance biz!  I myself am fighting weight gain because I'm in menopause and (just like my mother and her five sisters) I am putting on weight without changing my activity level or food intake.  The only difference is that I'm not menstruating.  It's not like I was a marathon runner and suddenly decided that "couch potato" was my new goal, or went from eating a strict 1,500 calorie-a-day diet to living on Pepsi and Twinkies.  I just stopped menstruating, and I put on 20 pounds in less than 90 days - without changing a thing in my lifestyle.  

    Frustrating as all get-go - and (so far) upping my activity level and changing my diet hasn't helped.

    Grrrrrrr ....

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