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    We're lucky we found a child psychiatrist who would work with Andrew in time, although he initially questioned the lateness of the diagnosis, which we don't begrudge. No, it was not denial, doctor; it was a complete lack of support from the local healthcare and educational systems.

    He was appalled when he found out how Andrew had been treated, and has positioned himself to be Andrew's medical advocate in any and all proceedings that may follow. He's great.

    Andrew does not usually act out physically; he, too, is very laid back, and incredibly adaptable, not simply for an autistic child, but for an eight-year-old in general. In many ways, he's more adaptable than his NT ten-year-old brother! That's why this sudden change was so concerning to us, especially considering his progress in signing and using his Springboard speech system, as well as in his articulation generally.

    Thanks for your kindness! :)

    Sunday Afternoon Composer: Like Monday Morning Quarterbacking, with music!

    by Freelance Escapologist on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 09:52:00 AM PDT

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