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View Diary: GOP's March Madness freakout: Doing exactly what RNC told them not to (96 comments)

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  •  I always wait to see if ABC Nightly News (0+ / 0-)

    picks up on these sound bites.

    That's the news I watch each evening.  If Dianne Sawyer mentions that President Obama got his brackets done but is late on his budget proposal, then it is a winning strategy for the GOP, IMHO.

    As Kate above states quite nicely, the WH does indeed produce a budget proposal every year - except for this one.  

    They simply do not want to put anything down on paper.  They would rather put the President out in campaign mode with vague wishes and goals that cannot be fact checked.  The American people are only going to put up with this for so long.  And Obama can hardly criticize the House budget if he cannot come up with an alternative.

    The brackets-but-no-budget thing simply refelects an unseriousness by the White House regarding the plight of Americans stuck in this shitty economy.

    •  ROFL (1+ / 0-)
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      You are quite the maverick! Gets the news from Dianne Sawyer every night - so plugged in! Thanks for filling us in on the "unseriousness" of the White House. Someone has their Google alert set to "Breitbart" methinks...

    •  BTW (1+ / 0-)
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      Progressive caucus has a budget, sparing the President a lot of duplicative work. But I suppose you're too "serious" to consider reading it...

      •  I read that quite a while ago (0+ / 0-)

        That's been floating around for a year or so in one form or another.

        So what?  No one is seriously considering that plan as an alternative.  It spends trillions on make-work programs.  I can agree with infrastructure investments, but a lot of the spending (especially bailing out state-level public service employees once again) in that budget would never get past a single committee.

        It's DOA.  The President needs to come up with an alternative.

        And as far as ABC news goes.. I don't get my news from there.  I use that as a barometer.. both for an indicator of what the general news media is covering and how it is covering it, as well as an indicator of the kind of news the low info American who only has time to see that one national news show is getting fed.

        But, thanks for your shitty dismissive attitude.

    •  Bullshit -- the budget requests from the Federal (0+ / 0-)

      agencies are a matter of public record (check with the Office of Management and Budget). They had to wait this year to see if the sequester would go into effect.

      What that means is that EVERY agency had to produce two budgets this time, one with and one without the sequester effects.

      The administrative officers responsible for producing each department's budget requests do not have the liberty of waiting for the Congress to do its damned job. And you'd better believe that the figures for the money we're requesting are down in black and white and on paper.

      So don't go lying about something I had a part in preparing every year I worked for the government.

      Not down on paper my do you think each agency knew how many people they were going to have to furlough?

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