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  •  oh ... (4+ / 0-)

    you know about the wave-particle duality, I am sure.

    A central concept of quantum mechanics, this duality addresses the inability of classical concepts like "particle" and "wave" to fully describe the behavior of quantum-scale objects. Standard interpretations of quantum mechanics explain this paradox as a fundamental property of the Universe, while alternative interpretations explain the duality as an emergent, second-order consequence of various limitations of the observer. This treatment focuses on explaining the behavior from the perspective of the widely used Copenhagen interpretation, in which wave–particle duality is one aspect of the concept of complementarity, that a phenomenon can be viewed in one way or in another, but not both simultaneously.
    I think that fits to your above comment of "either or" explanation of waves and particles ...

    Oh dear, if I had the Einstein tofu, really, I would understand these thingies !

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