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  •  I hope you're right about the House, (3+ / 0-)
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    and I suspect it would be politically expedient to NOT dis veterans and their families by voting against restoring tuition assistance programs. Kossack dannyboy1 had an excellent diary on that subject recently (Highly recommend the full read.) Snips:

    The total federal investment in TA for the Army [in 2012] was $373 million. ....

    Then consider what meteor blades shared via a link to Ben Freeman's Salon article in the last night's "Open Thread for Night Owls" that

       even if contractors absorbed all of the Pentagon sequestration cuts, they’d still be on track to receive more than $300 billion a year in new contracts, which is more than double what any other country in the world spends on its military.
    That's Billion, with a capital, "B." You might ask, aren't there other areas in which the government might consider cutting back on defense spending where the return on investment has not been so, shall we say, effective.

    "Let each unique song be sung and the spell of differentiation be broken" - Winter Rabbit

    by cotterperson on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 02:23:08 PM PDT

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