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View Diary: Believe it or not, Senate passes spending bill (30 comments)

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  •  The NIH cuts are making my own household.. (2+ / 0-)
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    antirove, tari

    particularly nervous.  The huge setbacks these will create are going to hurt the country for generations to come.  You can't just pick up where you left off with the research that is being done.

    •  yes, infrastructure will be lost (0+ / 0-)

      highly educated people are exiting and not coming back, labs are being shut down, research programs are cut. The GOP doesn't understand that this means lost jobs, not just in academia. Pharma got used to the NIH funding the development of their products at no costs. This is gonna end. One of the few areas where the US was still leading, research and development will be gone. It will make the US less competitive with ripple effects throughout a number of industries.

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