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    Is the key part of that sentence.  Something the Republican analogy itself implies is that households have to balance their budgets.  And it's true!  Households do balance their budgets!  They just don't balance them by paying off their entire outstanding debt in a month, or in any arbitrary time period, for that matter.  Your household budget "balances" as long as you can service your debt.  Ideally, of course, a family should be working toward no debt - but debt is also a way to invest in the future, whether through student loans, taking out a mortgage, etc.  This radically increases your debt to income ratio - but who cares?  As long as you can pay for the debt, your budget "balances."

    One other quick point - Republicans love to say that government spending steals money from the private sector.  They use this as an argument to cut federal spending on social programs that help the poor, sick, or elderly.  But they're fine "stealing" money from the private sector to pay off debt obligations - nothing more than enriching creditors.  Bah, humbug, I say!

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