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  •  If we ever get a retirement! (48+ / 0-)

    Talk about a Sophies Choice!  I'm 57; hubby is 61.  Last time he worked was about 5 years ago.  I'm among those of us who will be trying to make do with 20% less salary -- the only one supporting this family.  You know... the salary that's been frozen for three years now.  

    But I absolutely do NOT want Chained CPI.  Furthermore, I think everything they've ALL done or talked about to this point has been backasswards.  

    Yes, Medicare needs an adjustment.  But it needs one that is tailored to how our Elders live.  Never mind "durable goods" as a mark of inflation.  We need CPI's that take into account the cost of health care, the cost of visiting nurses; the cost of home help.   We need a CPI that covers wheelchairs and scooters and hips and knees.

    To the point, we NEED single payer healthcare -- Medicare for ALL -- including negotiated pharma prices.  We need research, REAL quality oversight, and caps on medical devices - not new taxes on them.

    And because Bush and his cronies bankrupted the entire world, insuring that "common people" would be left scratching out a living while they lived high on the  hog, we need a REAL JUBILEE for we 99% who got pushed off the train.

    Further, we needed (need) a period of early retirement at full benefits (say, at 55) so we who have jobs can get out of the way of the younger generation.   It's the right thing to do for the future - theirs and ours.

    Oh, yeah... I can just hear the banksters and repubs screaming "Moral Hazard" at the top of their lungs.

    But what do I know.  I'm just an old DFH.

    •  I agree with everything you said, except (26+ / 0-)

      the blame for this mess doesn't lie just with the republicans. In 2008, we elected Obama to implement change (remember that word?) , instead, he doubled down on republican policies and because of that, for four years our choices have been limited to the lesser of two evils. Nothing will ever change until Obama supporters begin to realize that they are supporting republican policies by protecting Obama and start demanding change.

      Think about it, the republicans make absolutely horrendous austerity demands of the president and then Obama offers them...a lesser evil republican plan and then much later, we're told that is the best he can do.

      In other words, there's not much chance of changing Obama's mind. He's going to make SS cuts, no matter how much damage it will do to the Democratic Party.

      Right now, the republicans have an easy path to victory in 2014: just hang all of Obama's republican policies -- which are very unpopular -- around his neck, and then start espousing traditional Democratic values -- which always seem to be winning policies.

      •  Yeppers... (8+ / 0-)

        I don't disagree with anything you said.  We're agreed 100%.  Fact is, there are only a handful of people in Congress that we can stand behind, but in the end they either get shouted over and out-voted or end up rationalizing capitulation.  I can't tell you how disheartened and despairing I am right now about the whole mess.

        INRE: "lesser of two evils"... I can't remember the last time I was truly excited about voting for someone.  I think it was when I was in high school and we were involved in a project in Gov't class.  But then Sirhan Sirhan shot Bobby Kennedy.  I lost a lot of innocence that summer.

        LBJ had his issues, and he was about as "in your face" as one man could be.  But he got thru some good progressive legislation, in spite of enormous animosity, backstabbing, and Repub grandstanding.  That's what I WISH we'd gotten this time.  Someone like him who'd twist arms, chew butt, and make threats if need be to make sure the right thing for the people got done.  But I fear we're so far off the rails as a Party now, I honestly don't see much hope for the future - especially if they don't stand hard and fast against against SS, Medicare, and Medicaid cuts, in particular.

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