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View Diary: Michelle Shocked Issues 2 Apologies, Club Recording Surfaces (131 comments)

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  •  So as someone who's followed her music... (1+ / 0-)
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    for several years you are hearing "breakdown"?  I first started listening to her music in 1986, and while I haven't followed her continuously I've always felt her performances where disjointed and unfocused, but never a hint of hate.  As I listen to this audio it seems to me there is a complete disconnect after the hate speech.  She doesn't seem to understand what the audience is upset at, and after attempting some audience interaction she is lost and goes back to playing some of her standard material hoping to recover the audience.  

    I'll admit if I had been at the performance and heard such jarring words of hate coming from her I would have been stunned, but listening to the recording it seems to me she really didn't understand what was happening.  That leaves me thinking she really wasn't trying to express personal hate.  As you point out, her conversion came years ago and while she has always struggled with questions about her own sexuality she's negotiated life as a conservative Christian for years without anything like this.

    I'd like to hear more from other folks like you who have followed her music over time.

    •  She's a country girl from East Texas (3+ / 0-)
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      FiredUpInCA, blueoasis, CoyoteMarti

      who ran away from home, lived on the streets, did heavy drugs, slept with men and women (sometimes for a gig or a roof over her head), a period of her life she later lamented. She turns to a male God who promises forgiveness, she is saved (she believes), but her career wanes, she marries a man and it doesn't work.  

      This is a very talented but conflicted woman who can't reconcile her sexuality with the divine father figure who forgives but doesn't fully accept. And there are undoubtedly biochemical factors at play that underlie many mental health conditions.

      I never liked you and I always will.

      by Ray Blake on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 08:54:01 PM PDT

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