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View Diary: Enough of the threats, Reid and Durbin. Just do filibuster reform. (85 comments)

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  •  I agree. We are the marks. (10+ / 0-)

    We have been down this road before, again and again.  

    People wonder why the Democratic Party leaders "have no spine".  It has nothing to do with spine and everything to do with wanting to keep the Republicans as a convenient excuse for doing nothing to upset big money campaign donors.

    These guys have been bought.

    I'm going to say it again: these guys have been bought.

    They do not act like a real opposition to the Republicans because they are not.  As for what to do about that, I am pretty sure that politely asking them to do the right thing is not going to work. If you are serious about reforming the Democratic party, you have to start primarying some of these "leaders".  And if that won't work, if the Dem party is too corrupt to be changed in a meaningful way, then you have to take the struggle for social justice outside the two-party system (think Occupy Wall Street, for starters).  

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