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View Diary: A Magazine So Not-Bad It's Good: I (Heart) The New Yorker (115 comments)

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  •  I stopped my subscription (5+ / 0-)

    late in Bush's "reign" when the celebrity gossip stuff overwhelmed me, but I did love their political stuff, and I did enjoy the true crime discussions until the guy killed (maybe) by his chauffeur thing in southern France (or Monaco? I gave up caring) was all that they wrote about any more.  But I do agree that in the early 00s they were fantastic as a magazine, in large part because Graydon Carter cared so much about it.  

    My college career is partly credited to the New Yorker.  My Dad remembered vividly the things that White wrote about his wife, a Bryn Mawrter, and so when I told him that I really REALLY wanted to go there, terrified that he would be really snide about my wanting to go to a private school, he was quite willing to let me do so -- "If you can get in, you can go."  So thank you, New Yorker.  I owe you a lot!

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