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View Diary: Want to hear some GOOD news here about Obama's success in mortgage financing for once? (28 comments)

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    Compare the speed of the program to bail out debtors to the speed of programs to bail out banks. Obama's crack team of top officials (basically on leave from their Wall Street careers) were able to shovel out billions of TARP dollars to the Too Big To Fail Banks in a matter of days. But as you admit, it's taken years to get a few thousand bucks to members of a lucky slice of debtors.

    So it wasn't tenS of millions who were foreclosed upon. Whoppee. My back of the envelope calculations from that snippet suggests almost 10 million homes were foreclosed upon. Figure 2.3+ persons per household ... Your nitpicking over whether 10 million is like 20 million, or not, does not help your argument.

    You seem to be sweeping aside the horror of the problem for the many millions not yet helped by these slow-moving programs -- simply to support your sunshiny view. In other words, your quibble is hyperbolic bullshit, frankly.

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