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View Diary: DKos Tour Series: The Grand Falls Of The Little Colorado River (65 comments)

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    and so glad you dropped by and gave a comment, tgypsy. As a boatmen (a lifetime or two ago), we did let some river rats (passengers) hike from the river to Mooney Falls (about a long day's march, that), which are likely the most awesome falls in the canyon (the water usually being travertine and therefore a stunning blue-green), but I don't think we ever let people walk up the gorge to the Grand Falls. If your group did, wow! That's some arduous trek. I have hiked through the gorge twice, once from the end of the Beamer Trail to Cameron, and another time I got too much quicksand blues and climbed out at Navajo Point. . .the really steep place. (No worries, it's mostly ledges. Just don't look down!) anyway, a lunch stop at Redwall Cavern, the LC, Phantom Ranch and Havasu are essential for river rats. Otherwise, they tend to murder boatmen in their sleep! Your photos are gorgeous by the by. Can you post more, because I think the DKos community needs to see more of the LC and its lovely turquoise tincture. Thanks, again, for posting words and pics.

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