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  •  Sinus surgery (9+ / 0-)

    Four years ago last September, I had the sinus surgery to remove blockage and correct a deviated septum.

    I didn't have the horrible odor, but I had had a loss of taste
    and smell for years before, increasingly frequent headaches
    until they became continual and great difficulty in curing the recuring infections.

    Sinus problems are lifelong and nothing can cure allergic reactions, but afterward there was great relief and improvement in the senses, ease of breathing, and cure of infections.  There's been gradual regression the last three years, but more bearable.

    The last statistics indicated only a 75% success rate for at least some improvement and it's uncertain how much of that will be permanent.  But when you're desperate it doesn't matter.  Since your problem seems to be related to a specific infection which can't be cured, I would think that the surgery will likely solve that problem once air circulation is restored.

    So it sounds very favorable.  Since yours is more localized than mine was, it could be different, but it's a very bloody surgery and slow healing.  That's generally explained but it was understated in the literature and only lightly touched on in conferencing.

    Best of luck and again, I think your success is probably very likely.

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    by blueoasis on Wed Mar 20, 2013 at 07:51:35 PM PDT

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