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  •  if you have cable, dishNW and dishTV have... (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    hannah, RiveroftheWest

    liberal channels at the minimal level

    Free Speech TV

    Link TV



    Get democracynow, Thom Hartman and more

    if you are going to get a cable anyway, why not get something besides main stream media

    they have excellent introductory prices for a 2 year contract

    on the other hand, I have dishNW for over $50 per month and don't watch much TV at all, so am thinking about just cancelling it all together and sending the money to alternative media

    I already give a few hundred dollars to alternative media but this would be a way to give much more

    the corporate media is just that

    and the talk that the Koch brothers are going to buy LA Times, Chicago Tribune, etc. shows yet again how far the media is from what was at the time of the founding of the country

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