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View Diary: House Republicans vote to end Medicare, again (73 comments)

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  •  Same for the Democratic Budget, of course. (2+ / 0-)
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    DSPS owl, VClib

    It has no chance of being adopted, either.  

    Both sides are staking out a political position, will advertise the aspects in their favor and rail on the other side for the unpopular aspects of the other side's budget.  

    Both are simply political statements -- opening bids in the upcoming negotiation -- and a statement to the other side of what kinds of things they will be wanting in the negotiation.  I don't take either "budget" seriously as legislation.  

    •  But the Democratic budget is not fundamentally (3+ / 0-)

      dishonest. The Ryan budget is.

      False equivalency is a form of lying. The Ryan budget is not only not passable, it is also dishonest in a way that the Democratic budget is not. A budget is nothing if not about math; so even calling Ryan's bill a "budget" is dishonest.

      Economics is a social *science*. Can we base future economic decisions on math?

      by blue aardvark on Thu Mar 21, 2013 at 08:44:36 AM PDT

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      •  There's dishonesty in the Democratic budget (1+ / 0-)
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        I'll give you the most glaring example.  Sen. Murray claims her budget "cuts" $1.85 trillion.  That is not an "honest" statement.  She would put back $1 trillion (turn off the sequester), then cut $1.85 trillion.  So, CBO is going to score it as what it really is -- a tax increase of $1 trillion (that she doesn't specify how she would raise) and cuts of about $800 billion, instead of the $1.85 trillion she claims.

        From a budgeting perspective, neither budget is honest. But there are not really budgets.  They are political positions.  

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