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    As far back as 2006, I wanted Obama to run, and he was my horse from the get go. At that time I was Clinton fatigued and I knew the right wing hate machine would come for her guns ablazing. Which they did. Throughout the Democratic nominating process (and I spent a lot of time listening to Rush and Hannity) they were talking up Obama, talking down Hillary, and not making a choice on the GOP side. Then they were left with their worst nightmare, McCain as their nominee. They had nothing to go at Obama at because during the campaign they were too wary to go with the racist stuff (of course that wariness ended the day Obama was inaugurated). But I digress…

    This time, after watching her work her ass off as Secretary of State, I want Hillary to be the nominee. I also want Biden, Cuomo, maybe Mark Warner, and a few others to toss their hats in the ring and make our nomination race interesting. But I can't picture any of them winning and I don't see a deep bench for us for 2016. Yes, Hillary could blow it again, but I see much of the enthusiastic Obama team, mostly, being enthusiastic for Hillary, and that bodes well. Plus after Bill's masterful showing at the DNC and on the campaign trail, no one has Clinton fatigue, all they remember was how good things were when Bill was the President, so Clinton nostalgia rules the day.

    After Hillary I see Texas Gov. Julian Castro (yes, I can tell your fortune too) being our next nominee.

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    by DemSign on Thu Mar 21, 2013 at 08:35:26 PM PDT

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