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View Diary: Boehner doesn't want another debt ceiling crisis, unless Obama makes him do it (67 comments)

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    what voters think?  The GOP received a clear rebuke from a majority of Americans and yet they are claiming a mandate to balance the budget in 10 years, after spending 8 years under Bush not caring a lick about the deficit.  Polls show a majority of Americans in favor of background checks for all gun purchases and yet it remains to be seen whether any bill that effect will actually get anywhere near the President's desk.  The Senate investigation into the London Whale trading losses finds that--quelle surprise!--upper management straight up lied to investors and regulators and a few days later, 6 Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee, join the GOP in their effort to gut the part of Dodd-Frank that addresses derivatives.  These folks have barely been in office for a few months and they are wasting no time showing all of us who they really work for.

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