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View Diary: GOP civil war reminiscent of our own, except for the 'winning later' part (100 comments)

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  •  We can still lose. (29+ / 0-)

    Remember 2010? It wasn't a fluke.

    We lost because we didn't deliver. We promised Progressive policies and delivered mostly weakness and blue-doggery. We controlled the government during a time of national crisis and did almost nothing.

    No giant stimulus. No bankers in jail. No progressive taxation. No massive infrastructure spending.

    Many popular Progressive policies didn't get enacted. Voters concluded that Democrats were all talk and either stayed home or voted against us.

    The same thing can happen again. In fact, given the Senate Democrats' pro-filibuster stance, I'd say we are on our way to another painful mid-term. Most Democratic Senators are vulnerable to the charge of being pro-filibuster and pro-banker. All it takes is a loudmouthed Rand Paul-type Republican to make the accusation.

    Saying that polls show such-and-such a policy is wildly popular means nothing if we don't actually deliver the policy.

    Republicans are working to muzzle the racists and bigots in their party. They know that they don't need to win the minority vote, they just need to not get totally whupped like they did in 2012.

    (G. W. Bush got 10% of the Black vote once. He got a strong portion of the Latino vote also. It can happen again).

    Don't sleep.

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