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View Diary: Public still divided, uninformed about Affordable Care Act (158 comments)

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  •  Had the opportunity (16+ / 0-)

    to speak with the great Dr. Quentin Young of PNHP the other day. Which is always a joy in itself.
    He expressed some surprise that in the wake of the passage of ACA the single payer movement seems to have grown considerably.

    I attributed this to math, as I have yet to see a for-profit private insurance health care financing scheme that demonstrates the cost control and universal access single payer does.
    Probably because it doesn't exist, and once you know you can't not know.

    •  That's the Problem (7+ / 0-)

      The people who came up with this purely political solution didn't understand the underlying problem. They thought they could take some point between the left and the right and just implement that. They don't seem to understand that there's an actual problem that needs to be solved, and only a SOLUTION is going to work, not just some odd political compromise.

      Only some form of universal, public system is going to be able to deliver universal, affordable healthcare. If you push millions of people into the for-profit system, all you do is run up costs. But this whole thing became a political issue when costs soared over 15% of GDP. Unless you get the costs down below that (and more reasonably down to about 12% or less) the political problem doesn't go away because the economic problem doesn't go away.

      This excess cost is eating into the other sectors--food, clothing, transportation, housing--and holding back the recovery. And, it's an excess burden on our exports. So, of course, people still want single-payer--because they want an actual, working solution.

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